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Bringing diversity and expertise in the name of changing lives.

Our Board of Directors are volunteers that serve as a governing body for our House. They bring with them their relentless dedication and invaluable years of experience in business and the community. The purpose of the Board of Directors is to guide and direct our House while also being stewards for program development, standards and operations.

Board of Directors

Gina Cuttone – Board President
John Bodden III – Vice President
Brad Kirk – Secretary
James Blade – Treasurer
Sabra Abbate – Board Member
Luanne Crater-Ragsdale – Board Past President
Sabra Abbate – Board Member
Mike Agostini – Board Member
Danny Davis – Board Member
Phillip Gonzalez – Board Member
Mike Henry – Board Member
Guy Lamb – Board Member
Doug Larsen- Board Member
Matt Leu – Board Member
John Rutowicz– Board Member
Gabe Waddell – Board Member