September Volunteer of the Month


RMHC’s Volunteer of the Month for the month of September is Michael Emo!  Michael is a HUGE help to our team, as he oversees the management of our website.  Michael is always extremely willing to help when needed, and we are very grateful to have him on the RMHC team!  Read more about Michael below.

  1. Your name and a little bit about yourself.
    My name is Michael and I love to travel to other countries. I’m lucky to have a job where all I need is my laptop, wifi, and a chocolate chip cookie to get the work done.
  2. How did you start volunteering with our House?
    Got a phone call from a friend saying they needed help with their website and it was game on. It’s nice to have the opportunity to give something back to the community.
  3. What type of things have you done while volunteering?
    I worked with the staff at RMH to design and build the existing RMHCCV website, and we continue to work closely to keep it up to date.
  4. What is your favorite part of our House?
    My favorite part of the House are the peeps who work there. The amount of heart and love they have to bring to the table every day is inspiring. It speaks to the best of what people are capable of.
  5. Tell us something fun about you that we don’t know. (Hidden talent, funny story, favorite pastime, etc.)
    Backpacking along the east coast of Ireland without a map, I decided to take the left instead of the right. This added about 7 miles onto an already long 10 mile hike. It also led me to walk right through some farmer’s private property. I didn’t realize my mistake until I came to a gate on the trail and noticed I was on the inside, not the outside. Whoops.

Thank you Michael for all that you do for our House!