Tour Our House!


Join us on this virtual tour of RMHC and see just how our House becomes a Home to the thousands of families we serve each year.

We are fortunate enough to have 18 beautiful bedrooms in our House that serve thousands of families each year.  All of our bedrooms have received recent remodels through the Adopt-A-Room Program, which grants sponsors the opportunity to impact our families directly through their support.  We absolutely love our gorgeous bedrooms!

For more information about the Adopt-A-Room program, please contact Marisa Moore at 559.447. 6793 or click here to email.

Our beautiful living room serves as a place of comfort, security, and connection to our families.  Those staying with us use this space to unwind after a long day at the hospital, and exchange stories and experiences with others going through similar or identical situations.  We are so lucky to have such an amazing space to share with the thousands of families we serve each year!

Our East and West Wing Kitchens are an amazing asset to RMHC!  It is here that families have access to food, snacks, beverages, and fully equip kitchens to cook a meal for themselves.  We also have volunteers (through the “Meals from the Heart” Program) that use both kitchens to prepare fresh, home-made meals for our families after they have spent hours bedside at the hospital.  We love our newly remodeled kitchens, courtesy of VF Outdoor, and so do our families!

Our beautiful backyard overlooks some of Madera’s finest wineries, The Bluffs, and the famous mountain view the Central Valley is known for.  Our families are able to enjoy the warm California sun, all while the siblings play the day away.  This space truly serves as a get-a-way for our families, allowing them to escape the stresses of having a critically ill child for just a moment.  We love our backyard, and our families sure do as well!