Wish List


As you can imagine, support from our local community is crucial in making a Ronald McDonald House feel like a “Home away from home”. To provide a loving, caring and supportive environment, Ronald McDonald House Charities heavily relies on the generous donations given from our local community.

Below you will find three different wishlists, all three composed of items specific to a certain need.  We so greatly appreciate all of the support shown from our loving donors. Thank you for continuing to #KeepFamiliesClose through your generosity and love.

↓Click on links below to access each Wishlist↓

General Wishlist 2017 : This Wishlist is composed of everyday items that you don’t think twice about needing, until you are placed in the predicament of having a child in the hospital hours away from home.

Family Wishlist 2017 : This Wishlist is composed of items that can be utilized by family units in order to make their stay a bit easier and less stressful.

Dream Wishlist 2017 : This Wishlist is composed of things that we are in need of around the house, but do not necessarily have the funds to provide.  These items are all things we would be so grateful to be granted, as it would make our families stays much better!


All donations can be delivered to our Ronald McDonald House, 9161 Randall Way, Madera, CA 93636. Thank you so much for supporting our families & providing them with the items needed to make our House a Home. For more information, please contact us at info@rmhccv.org