Around the House

Let’s Taco Bout A Great Night! Check out our recap video to see all the highlights of our #RMHCCVAmbassador group cooking for our families this week! 

Major thanks to our #RMHCCVAmbassador group for taking the time out of their busy week to prepare a delicious taco meal for our families! Your effort to support the #MealsFromTheHeart program provided instant support for our families – for many of whom, it was their only meal of the day. See our video here for more information on #MealsFromTheHeart!









Sadie Burrough, Karlee Zacky, Nicole Eachus, Kaila Walls, Kara Mehrten and Rema Koligian









Jaclyn Hand, Alyssa Kayle, Asheline Beeson, Katelyn Nocito, Giovanna Smith









Alyssa KayleKatelyn Nocito










If you’re interested in learning more about #RMHCCVAmbassador, contact us at!